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Live Streaming

Since their advent in 1995 streaming media services are now part of our mainstream culture. Streaming services from Netflix and Google are increasingly popular alternatives to television

The advent of high speed broadband and the growth of fibre optic delivery networks has seen a growth in online streaming services. Both audio and video content is streamed in increasingly larger volumes. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox, Blink box, Google Play, Flixster and Ultra Violet are all popular streaming services. In fact streaming services are now that popular that Google have recently introduced Chromecast to compete with Apple TV. This device plugs into your TV and allows you to stream content from the Chrome browser on your PC, tablet or android enabled smart phone.

Real Networks were the pioneers of today’s modern video streaming services. Working as Progressive Networks they broadcast the world’s first live event in 1995. This event was a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees. Early problems with streaming media were the old 56k modems. Also competition between Microsoft’s media services and Real Networks led to many technological and legal battles.

Adobe emerged from this initial conflict with the flash player. Limited by bandwidth streaming services evolved to become adaptive to their environment. Byte sized chunks of streaming media were downloaded and compiled as a seamless stream on the viewer’s PC. The size of the chunk delivered by the streaming service was dependant on the viewers bandwidth. All high profile events are broadcast using HTTP-based adaptive streaming (known as MPEG – DASH). New video codecs such as H.265 promise to deliver content with a higher quality of compression. This should see streaming services retain their place in the mainstream.

19th Sep, 2015

by admin

Time lapse photography is often used in film making to capture slow moving occurrences. Photographs are put side by side and sped up to appear as though it’s happening faster. For example, film makers often use time lapse photography techniques to capture scenes of the sun setting or plants growing. These are photographed in real time, but...

10th Aug, 2015

by admin

We’ve all heard of online video conferencing and various ways to connect people all around the globe through technology. This is an amazing feat when you think it wasn’t that long ago that we lived without mobiles and computers. Corporate conferences and other large events still have a need for people to come together in one place....

15th May, 2015

by admin

Video companies specialising in filming events or special occasions can take advantage of adding live streaming to their service. By taking a cabled feed into our system, we can easily stream your company’s event to a much larger audience. This gives you greater access to finding new viewers. Here are a few advantages of live streaming:...

9th Apr, 2015

by admin

It’s one of the most important days in your life: your wedding. And you want to document it, to have a treasure trove of memories to look back on without flaws. A marriage movie you can watch again and again. Most people have no idea how to go about finding that perfect wedding videographer or...

12th Mar, 2015

by admin

A school production is unforgettable and timeless. Keeping not just the memories but the moments alive is a necessity, if you want to relive those golden times. The best way of doing that nowadays is by filming your school production. It gives you an opportunity to share and shine your schoolmates (along with yourself). Letting...

5th Feb, 2015

by admin

If you’re new to live streaming, there are a few considerations you have to make decisions on when you’re designing your next video. Postproduction isn’t really a choice when it’s live, which means you have to map out what you want and need before shooting. We’ve come up with a basic checklist to help sort...

2nd Sep, 2014

by admin

Events provide a great opportunity to promote your business. Whether you are promoting a product, hosting an in-store promotion, exhibition or other event; event filming is a great way to translate the energy and excitement from the day. Promoting previous events success is often imperative to the success of your forthcoming events. Show off your...

13th Apr, 2014

by admin

One of our most viewed live streaming events is back! The largest backgammon competition for 30 years in the UK, held at the Hippodrome Casino in London, The London Backgammon Open. Players of all skills and ages compete in this tense atmosphere to win the jackpot from one of three pots. With ongoing commentary, post-game...

7th Jun, 2013

by admin

Backgammon is one of the oldest two player board games and relies on both luck of dice and the strategy and tactic of the player. This makes an exciting combination for a weekends entertainment. Red Shell Productions recently visited Brown’s court rooms in Covent Garden to film and the London Backgammon Open; broadcasting the UK’s national...

24th Feb, 2013

by admin

It’s an age old dilemma. How do you cut down your guest list and still have those attend who you really want to see the event? Josh from online ‘wedcasters’ Red Shell Productions reveals how you can have more guests for a fraction of the price. Maxed out capacity So you’ve found your dream wedding...

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