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Live Streaming Services

Red Shell Productions are a Birmingham based video production company, specialising in live event streaming. We broadcast your event live through the internet straight to your website or viewing platform.

With every best intention, we can’t always have everyone we’d like attend our event. Venues may be far to travel to, guests may be unable to travel or there may be other reasons that consequently mean they can’t attend your event. With this in mind, viewers are able to watch your event live from anywhere in the world from their laptops, computer, mobile phone, iPad etc. We cover a wide range of clientele and broadcast a variety of events.

From corporate conferences to politics to your wedding day, we’d love to work with you and make your event accessible to those who can’t make it.

Bespoke streaming services

We offer a bespoke live streaming service. Our live streaming services include both private and corporate events. From small to large productions, we have a scalable team to meet your event requirements. To read some of the questions most commonly asked around live streaming services, see our FAQ’s page. To discuss an upcoming event or for more information, email info@redshellproductions.co.uk.

Read more about our corporate event streaming and streaming your wedding or ceremony. If you are looking for a live event filming company in Birmingham, read more about our video services

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Competitive Gaming

Live Streaming Services - Red Shell Productions

Sporting Events

Live Streaming Services - Red Shell Productions

Conferences and Press Conferences

Live Streaming Services - Red Shell Productions

Theatre Performances

Live Streaming Services - Red Shell Productions
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