Bespoke Live Streaming Services

Red Shell Productions specialise in bespoke live streaming solutions. We have a scalable team and extensive experience in the field to meet your event needs and requirements. We offer a wide range of video and live streaming solutions for both corporate and private clients across the UK.

We broadcast your event live through the internet straight to your website or viewing platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.). Viewers are able to watch your event live from anywhere in the world from their laptops, computer, mobile phone, iPad or other device connected to the internet.

Live streaming services for corporate and private events are becoming increasingly popular. Our live streaming services include:

Virtual events

Make your event completely digital and bring remote speakers into your digital event space. Speakers can either login from one location, or multiple locations and your audience can login from anywhere in the world with a device that can connect to the internet.

Hybrid events

Make your event available for people to attend in person or online.

Live on socials

Spread your message further and stream your event to multiple social media channels. From Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn, we can stream to multiple social media channels at once.


Increase the engagement of your online audience with multiple camera angles. You can choose to have your camera angles static or manned, or a combination of both. This helps give the event vibes and environment and can help improve the engagement of your online audience.

Live edit

Sometimes you need to turn around your event footage quickly but don’t necessarily want to stream online. We can edit multiple camera angles live and as soon as your event finishes, we can hand you a live edit of your event.

Vision mixing

Your event may include multiple forms of media such as: pre recorded footage, PowerPoint presentations and multiple camera angles. We can vision mix these inputs for your live audience, or live edit, to seamlessly bring your event together for your digital audience.

Multiple streaming technology

With so many streaming platforms available, it’s hard to choose just one location. In many instances, you may have audiences on one platform who don’t engage on other platforms. It can therefore be advantageous to stream to multiple locations at once to broaden your event engagement. We can stream to anywhere with an RTMP location, as well as social media and your website to name but a few.

What type of events do you livestream?

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If you have an event you want to share with a digital audience, we’ll stream it for you. Here are a few examples of events that we livestream:


Broaden your audience and turn your conference into a hybrid, or fully online event.


Offer new ways to engage with your topic of expertise. Seminars can be held as hybrid or completely online events. We can help you provide either or both of these solutions and help you expand your audience and spread your knowledge further.

Inaugural lectures

Help your lecturer share their research further and stream their lecture to an online audience. Friends, family and fellow researchers can join in from around the world to hear of their findings and learn more of their career.


Reach more your organisations audience by holding your AGM online. Platforms such as Zoom allow for polls, making it easier to enable voting for both in person and online attendees.

Live lessons

Expand your audience and reach a new audience with online live lessons. Bring in international speakers, or integrate your day with pre recorded footage from your speakers. Engage with online polls and thought clouds to ensure both audiences are able to interact with your event.


Utilise lower thirds to promote further ways to donate to your cause. We can also offer graphic overlays so any sponsors of your events can get further exposure too. You may consider integrating pre recorded footage to demonstrate how donors funds are being used.

Product Launch

Increase your product reach by making your launch available to watch live online. This is a great way to further promote a new product and possibly link with ‘early bird’ deals etc. to expand your sales.

Award Ceremonies

Share those special moments with your award holders and graduates friends and families who can’t make the ceremony. Stream with multiple camera angles to help communicate the atmosphere in the venue and ensure your celebrations spread far and wide.


From pitch games to boardgames, we have covered a wide range of sporting events. Streaming your sporting event is a great way to increase brand awareness, interaction and promote new players, boardgame deals and more.

Studio style

Interact with your audience further by creating a ‘studio’ style space between gaps and breaks in your event. While your in person audience sees a set change, ‘go back to the studio’ and let your event hosts keep your online audience engaged. This is a great way to interact with speakers who are joining remotely, or if your event has pre recorded segments that you want to look live during your event.

Political events, press releases, hustings, conferences and rallies

We are not tied to a political party and have worked with a variety of political parties. From live edits for instant press releases to rallying around the country to spread your political message, live streaming your political events is a great way to extend the reach of your message.


We have covered a wide range of events in our time, and we’d love to hear more about the event you have planned and how we can help you livestream your event to achieve the aims and objectives you have for it.

Internet Solution

If your venue doesn’t have internet or has unreliable internet, we have an inhouse bonded 4G internet solution which combines the mobile internet across several mobile phone networks in the local area to create a strong link for us to stream in 1080p.

To discuss your upcoming event or for more information, email [email protected] or call us on 0121 667 7898.

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    Roxy and her team at Red Shell have been our trusted live streaming partners for a few years now, and our clients always have great things to say about their work and service. We can vouch for them being reliable and great at project communication. Highly recommended.

    I was impressed by the efficient and professional manner in which my several lectures were videotaped, audio taped, edited and then made readily available for viewing by thousands of UK students and teachers. Given the pandemic travel restrictions, this was the best substitute for my traditional personal appearance in London.
    Dr Philip Zimbardo
    American Psychologist
    It was absolutely the right decision to work with you! Thank you for all your help with our event; it was a great support knowing that we had the technical back up, we really appreciate your help and hope to work with you again in the future.
    Jane Lyons
    Cancer 52
    We frequently engage Roxanne and the Red Shell team for our high-end events. They undertake a huge technical and creative responsibility that we know we can consistently rely upon. Customer focused skills and solutions are exemplary, the consultation and working relationship is continuous and exists between specific job requests. Red Shell are our absolute go to. Dylan Line, Birmingham City University.
    Dylan Line
    Content Officer, Birmingham City University
    Roxy and her team at Red Shell come into our venue to stream events. They really know their stuff, and are a pleasure to work with. They have consistently delivered high quality outputs, and our clients have always been impressed with their attitude, adaptability, and quality of service.
    Des Hall
    Production Coordinator, Symphony Hall, B:Music
    Thank you to you for helping us with such a great launch. All of us here enjoyed working with you and from a personal point of view it is fantastic to work with people who are passionate about what they do. You have passion in boatloads......
    Ken Price
    Managing Director, ADSA
    Thanks to you and the team for helping us make the event a success. Josh and Simon were brilliant and completely unflustered throughout, which really helped to calm our nerves!
    James Ingham
    Director, ROMI Associates
    The talk is up and looks great. Considering the sound quality on the day, the quality of sound on the video is fantastic – a wonderful bit of engineering. Many thanks.
    Paul Z Jackson
    TEDx Russell Square speaker