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Live Video Mixing

Live video mixing can turn a dull live video stream into a fully captivating dynamic live event

More powerful computers, competitive prices and increasingly well trained live video mixers are allowing live streams to be more entertaining. The careful use and mix of multiple camera angles keeps an audience engaged on the content being broadcast. There is no room for error. The engineer working with the live video steam is making decisions in real time. Every action and camera angle change is viewed immediately by the live vide streams audience. Red Shell Productions can provide some of the best live video engineers around,

22nd Feb, 2017


Wedding live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular solution to ensuring all guests can interact with your big day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day you commit your future to the person you love the most in the world. You want all of your...

5th Sep, 2016


There are many reasons you may be interested in a live stream video or live streaming an event. Whether it’s your corporate event, wedding or sporting event, you are likely interested because you want people to be involved. Your motives will likely be different depending on what you are live streaming. Essentially, at the end...

1st Apr, 2016


Video shoots are often a bit hectic and there is often the need for more hands on deck. Most companies shooting a film, whether it’s commercial, corporate or even a film production, could always do with extra help on set to make sure everything runs smoothly. Often finding the right skilled people can prove difficult....

14th Jan, 2016


Whether it’s coverage of a live event or filming a music video, time is a crucial factor. Everyone is looking to save time where they can. For this reason, many production companies are looking for new and efficient ways to reduce the amount of time spent on the shoot and/or in post-production. This is done effectively...

13th Aug, 2014


We’ve all been through it. Watching a gorgeous video with bad sound, which ends up ruining the video experience. Many people say that the sound is one of the most important elements to a good video. It makes sense. Bad sound can not only be distracting, it can devalue a film. How You Record Sound...

6th Jan, 2014


Corporate promotional videos are exactly what they say on the tin, a short video promoting your corporate products or services. Making a corporate promotional video for your business can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. How can a promotional video help my business? With our fast paced society and so much written content available;...

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