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Educational Videos

Educational videos delivered via the Internet improve the quailty of the educational video experience. These videos can be started and paused at leisure, just in the same way we read a book

Educational videos have always been a key part of our education. Good quality educational videos help add character and context to subjects that are hard to convey in both the classroom and the workplace. The majority of these videos are episodic. They run for a series of episodes over a set period of time. For example scientific educational videos would demonstrate principals one week and experiments the other.

However even though there is widespread use of educational videos there are still some concerns about its educational benefit. A lot of early research indicated that memory retention of text was higher than the retention of information received via a video. The good news nowadays is that delivery of educational videos through the medium of the internet allows watchers to pause and stop the video as and when they wish. Like when you read a book you have the ability to choose at what rate you digest the information.

The quality of the educational experience is dependent on the quality of the video production. If focus is on both audible and visual aspects simultaneously too much information can be delivered to the viewer. If the educational video is made properly there is a balance between the different aspects of content delivery. Examples of websites that provide free educational videos on the internet are: 60second recap, Academic Earth, Coursera and FORA.tv.

13th Aug, 2014

by admin

We’ve all been through it. Watching a gorgeous video with bad sound, which ends up ruining the video experience. Many people say that the sound is one of the most important elements to a good video. It makes sense. Bad sound can not only be distracting, it can devalue a film. How You Record Sound...

25th Jun, 2014

by admin

Seminars are a great way of reaching your audience and directly interacting with clients. Online seminars (or webinars) take that concept a step further. Live broadcasting or streaming your conference to a much larger group of attendees is one way of doing this. Why You Should Film Your Seminars Of the many reasons you should...

21st Jan, 2014

by admin

Educational videos are another great way to show off your business, products, services, views, opinions etc. more. These videos tend to be a bit more indepth than a corporate promotional video. They can show you to be ‘ahead of the game’ in your field through your chosen content. What are some of the benefits to educational...

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