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Online Backgammon

Learn more about online backgammon. If you are in London, Birmingham or Leicester and want to have your backgammon event streamed online contact Red Shell Productions

It is thought that backgammon originated in ancient Rome. A game called tabula with rules identical to backgammon was traced back to emperor Zeno’s rule in AD 476 – 481. In the United Kingdom backgammon began its popularisation in the 18th century. Prior to this the playing of table games was prohibited by Elizabethan laws and the church. Backgammon is played globally. The backgammon world championships started in 1964. The first backgammon tournament was held in the Bahamas. The competition was held there until 1979 when it moved to Monte Carlo. IBM created the world’s first computerised backgammon player called TD-Gammon in the 1980’s. Backgammon was a popular game in the 1970’s; the computer game boom saw it decline in popularity. However IBM’s invention and the development of servers designed to host backgammon games now allows players from all countries to compete almost instantaneously. The increase in the number of tablets such as iPads and android devices may well see backgammon regain the interest it used to have

13th Apr, 2014

by admin

One of our most viewed live streaming events is back! The largest backgammon competition for 30 years in the UK, held at the Hippodrome Casino in London, The London Backgammon Open. Players of all skills and ages compete in this tense atmosphere to win the jackpot from one of three pots. With ongoing commentary, post-game...

7th Jun, 2013

by admin

Backgammon is one of the oldest two player board games and relies on both luck of dice and the strategy and tactic of the player. This makes an exciting combination for a weekends entertainment. Red Shell Productions recently visited Brown’s court rooms in Covent Garden to film and the London Backgammon Open; broadcasting the UK’s national...

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