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Live Streaming

Since their advent in 1995 streaming media services are now part of our mainstream culture. Streaming services from Netflix and Google are increasingly popular alternatives to television

The advent of high speed broadband and the growth of fibre optic delivery networks has seen a growth in online streaming services. Both audio and video content is streamed in increasingly larger volumes. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox, Blink box, Google Play, Flixster and Ultra Violet are all popular streaming services. In fact streaming services are now that popular that Google have recently introduced Chromecast to compete with Apple TV. This device plugs into your TV and allows you to stream content from the Chrome browser on your PC, tablet or android enabled smart phone.

Real Networks were the pioneers of today’s modern video streaming services. Working as Progressive Networks they broadcast the world’s first live event in 1995. This event was a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees. Early problems with streaming media were the old 56k modems. Also competition between Microsoft’s media services and Real Networks led to many technological and legal battles.

Adobe emerged from this initial conflict with the flash player. Limited by bandwidth streaming services evolved to become adaptive to their environment. Byte sized chunks of streaming media were downloaded and compiled as a seamless stream on the viewer’s PC. The size of the chunk delivered by the streaming service was dependant on the viewers bandwidth. All high profile events are broadcast using HTTP-based adaptive streaming (known as MPEG – DASH). New video codecs such as H.265 promise to deliver content with a higher quality of compression. This should see streaming services retain their place in the mainstream.

22nd Nov, 2017

by admin

You will always be able tell the difference between an unedited and edited video. Unedited footage is usually shaky with background sounds that shouldn’t be there. There is often no transitions or contain awkward transitions between scenes. Video editing can fix these to make your video feel like it was shot professionally. Video editing can...

7th Jun, 2017

by admin

Many organisations and start ups have something good to share with the world! Hosting an event or conference which delegates can either pay to attend or, attend for free, is one way of sharing. Whilst you may have a good lineup, unfortunately not all guests are able to attend. Travel and accommodation expenses often become...

18th Apr, 2017

by admin

Quick access to live news and events was once exclusive to the ambit of radio and TV. Not any more! This field has been widened to include the Internet. And the best part is that people can do this anywhere they want, as long as they have an internet connection. Technology will also allow you to...

14th Mar, 2017

by admin

A graduation may be by itself just a simple ceremony; however it comes at the end of years of hard work and sacrifice. For someone who have reached graduation, it means success, the beginning a new chapter in life, and to some extent it can even mean freedom. There is no understating the importance a graduation...

22nd Feb, 2017

by admin

Wedding live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular solution to ensuring all guests can interact with your big day. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day you commit your future to the person you love the most in the world. You want all of your...

19th Oct, 2016

by admin

We’ve changed the way we go about entertaining ourselves in this modern world. We consume things differently, we stream music and TV in bulk batches on our mobile devices, we socialise through digital means and we entertain ourselves through the medium of the internet and gaming. Live streaming sports and gaming events won’t lead to...

5th Sep, 2016

by admin

There are many reasons you may be interested in a live stream video or live streaming an event. Whether it’s your corporate event, wedding or sporting event, you are likely interested because you want people to be involved. Your motives will likely be different depending on what you are live streaming. Essentially, at the end...

10th Jun, 2016

by admin

Traditionally at Muslim weddings, the men and women remain separate during the marriage ceremony and often the reception. In order for the mehar; the formal marriage contract; to be accepted during the nikah; marriage contract ceremony; many brides send two witnesses as their representatives for the marriage and to formally accept the marriage terms. These are long-standing...

14th Jan, 2016

by admin

Whether it’s coverage of a live event or filming a music video, time is a crucial factor. Everyone is looking to save time where they can. For this reason, many production companies are looking for new and efficient ways to reduce the amount of time spent on the shoot and/or in post-production. This is done effectively...

27th Oct, 2015

by admin

On your wedding day it’s perfectly natural to want all your family and friends from far and wide to share your special day with you. However, the sad fact is that this isn’t always possible. For many brides and grooms the reality is that some important family members live abroad. In some cases, family aren’t...

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