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Corporate Marketing

Corporate marketing strategies work from stakeholders and the boadroom down to the corporate marketing rooms and specialists of the organisation

Corporate marketing operates at a boardroom level. Unlike conventional marketing systems it has a stakeholder orientated approach. Corporate marketing takes account of stakeholders from past, present and future. Most corporations have departments that manage the outwards appearance of the corporation. Corporate marketing carries a message about the corporation’s mission statement. A team is employed by the corporation to help people realise this mission and thus expand the corporation’s vision through global expansion.

Corporate marketing strategies, if successful can make millions, however if they are unsuccessful results can be devastating. Pepsi started the most successful marketing campaign in 1975 with its taste test adverts. Corporate marketing can be direct when transmitted through mediums such as television, radio or streaming services. Less direct forms include email campaigns, sales coupons, contests, advertisements, magazine inserts, online advertising and social media.

One of the first corporate marketing strategies started in 1895 with John Deere. They launched a customer magazine called the Furrow. It is now distributed in 12 different languages across 40 different countries. Localisation is an important part of the corporate strategy. Eye catching logos and unique branding helps their product retain identity, whilst knowledge of a cultures language base helps the corporation market in a clear manner.

18th Jul, 2014

by admin

It’s happened to almost everyone who’s shot video of a special event at one time or another. The footage is picture perfect, but the background noise of the audio ruins it. Here are a few tips for preventing extra noise, types of audio problems and how we can help fix it: Tips for Improving Video...

6th Jan, 2014

by admin

Corporate promotional videos are exactly what they say on the tin, a short video promoting your corporate products or services. Making a corporate promotional video for your business can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. How can a promotional video help my business? With our fast paced society and so much written content available;...

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