With video becoming such a popular format for businesses to market themselves and reach larger audiences, VT inserts are also coming into their own. They add variation to typical video offerings and can set your business apart from the pack.

What Are VT Inserts?

The technical term is ‘vox pop VT inserts;’ ‘vox populi’ is a broadcasting term from Latin meaning ‘voice of the people.’ We know it as the typical ‘man on the street’ interview. The same question is posed to different people of various backgrounds to gauge the average opinion or reaction.

Why Should I Use VT Inserts?

Many businesses have been jumping into video, with good reason. It’s easy to communicate visually in a short amount of time. You can convey your message quickly and succinctly. Since everyone’s making the same type of videos nowadays, VT inserts are a great way to add variation. A few other uses:

  • Customer endorsements to promote your brand
  • Promotion for a new service or product, or during streams on websites
  • A market research tool/a way to formulate a business or product strategy
  • An integrated part of a longer video
  • In between live streaming videos
  • In business presentations

Because they’re short opinion pieces, VT inserts are also perfect tools for encouraging your audience to interact and engage with your brand. They can stimulate interest and organic growth for your business.

What Do I Need to Know About VT Inserts?

The first thing you need to consider when including VT inserts within your video streaming or video marketing plans: what is the focus of your short?

Would you like it to be entertaining, is it focused on honest reactions and feedback from a target audience or do you want it to be filmed to suit your market research? Other considerations:

  • Plan in advance. They may be short clips, but they’re timely. You’ve got to have a clear idea of the goal you expect from the VT insert.
  • Choose the location carefully. The location of the VT insert question and the cross-section of people asked should match your objective. Usually 5-7 people of different sexes, various ages and diverse communities will be enough for a good insert.
  • Keep time in mind. Each good sound bite or opinion averages 20-25 seconds, with the end result of 2-3 minutes. Make sure your question is not just topical but open-ended, for extra footage. It will be edited down in postproduction.

VT Inserts Are an Effective Addition to Your Videos

Using VT inserts in between your live streaming videos or for promotional purposes during the streams on your website can boost not just interest in your brand, but an increase in your business.

They’re powerful a marketing tool similar to word-of-mouth, and can be a useful way to engage your target audience. VT inserts, combined with your videos, are a simple method to gain a marketing edge on the competition.

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