When last did you buy something of significant value without consulting a friend or family or going to the particular supplier without a testimonial from a trusted source? Video testimonials for business offer the opportunity for prospective clients to gain trust in your products, services and brand.

Testimonial video length

Ideally the video should be over within 30 seconds to 1 minute. This leaves time to include some fun footage from your offices/ location to introduce the film, a short, precise testimonial from your client and a closing slide with a call to action.

What to consider when making a testimonial video

When you are preparing for your testimonial video, it’s a good idea to identify who your best customers are and can one or two of them offer you a video testimonial? Ideally you would include the interviewees name, position and company so viewers know they are watching a real customer who is genuinely happy with your service.

Testimonial video questions

It will be easier for your client to prepare for the video testimonial if they have a few questions to help them along. These questions will also help structure your video and improve productivity during filming time. A few questions to consider could include:

How much money did you save?
Did our product/ service save you time and if so, how?
How many more sales are you getting?
Did you generate more phone calls and leads as a result of our service?
How many more business opportunities have you received?
Why would you recommend XX ?

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