We’ve all heard of online video conferencing and various ways to connect people all around the globe through technology. This is an amazing feat when you think it wasn’t that long ago that we lived without mobiles and computers.

Corporate conferences and other large events still have a need for people to come together in one place. Travel and venue capacity are common issues and a secondary venues may be required to accommodate everyone’s needs. This is where technology plays a vital role.

The Wonders of Technology

Technology has transformed the world, in terms of how we operate on both a business and a personal level. So it’s only right that we take advantage of it, particularly when it comes to hosting events.

If you’re hosting a large event and are worried about everyone squeezing in to one place, you may already be thinking of the possibility of hiring a second venue close by. This could be another conferencing room in the same building, or a close by facility. There are plenty of ways to keep everyone in the loop on what’s happening on the day.

For closer venues, you can connect a wired feed (audio, video or both), from one venue to the other. A video with audio feed link means you have a consistent feed from your main venue to your secondary venue. This is ideal if there are presentations or a guest speaker on the day, as this can be videoed in the main venue and streamed live via your wired feed to the secondary venue, so nobody misses out on any important information.

Get online

Alternatively, if there’s a good internet connection, it’s also possible to stream footage live via an online feed. This is a great solution if you are hosting an event that needs to be fed out to various locations which aren’t close by. In some cases; it isn’t possible for everyone to travel to one specific place, particularly if you work nationally or globally. Creating an online facility where everyone can log in and view the event is an ideal solution.

This type of streaming is highly effective to either a second venue with large TV screens where everyone can watch together, or for individuals who can watch the footage live on their computer screens from wherever they are in the world.

Having a live stream to subsidiary locations allows you to keep everyone connected at an event, with the option of live pause and rewind; just like watching television in your own home. This means that viewers can watch the footage at their own convenience, so they don’t miss anything from the day.

If you’d like to know more about live streaming to additional venues and keeping your events fully connected then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can talk you through the whole process and discuss your specific requirements.