On your wedding day it’s perfectly natural to want all your family and friends from far and wide to share your special day with you. However, the sad fact is that this isn’t always possible. For many brides and grooms the reality is that some important family members live abroad. In some cases, family aren’t able to travel for health or financial reasons. Live streaming Asian weddings is becoming increasingly popular for this reason.

With the new convenience to travel and live abroad, this can be a particular problem during weddings. Many family members are far away and can’t be there physically to witness the wedding. Long distance travel can be incredibly expensive. For some elderly relatives, it can be too much of a strain to travel such a long way. We have worked with a number of families to help extend their ceremony beyond their venue to include all their important families and friends abroad.

The World Wide Web

As we know, the ‘World Wide Web’ has really opened up the lines of communication across the world, meaning that nowadays, no one needs to miss out on important events. We have worked with many couples to create the perfect solution that would allow their distant relatives to still be a part of their celebrations, and at their own convenience.

Catching the atmosphere and immediate playback options

For those with family in parts of the world where there is a big time difference, it’s not always possible for them to watch the event live. We typically have a minimum of two camera angles at every event to ensure every angle is covered. The camera angles are edited live and footage uploads to the internet whilst streaming. This means footage is instantly available, from the minute the wedding is finished. Friends and family from around the world can therefore watch at a time that suits them.

Keeping tradition through the use of Live Streaming Asian weddings

During some religious ceremonies; for example with Muslim weddings, it’s tradition for the men and women to remain separate during the nikah; marriage ceremony. During the ceremony, it is possible for the women to see the men. This is another advantage to live streaming to family members abroad. This means the female congregation at the wedding can also be a part of the ceremony, whether they’re in the room next door or far away. They can watch the ceremony and witness the bonding of the two families, first hand, and get a closer connection to the bride and groom.

Not only that, but having your wedding videoed for your friends and family, also means you have a keepsake of your wedding day for yourselves too. You can watch the exchange of vows and celebrations time and time again to remember your special day.

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