Backgammon is one of the oldest two player board games and relies on both luck of dice and the strategy and tactic of the player. This makes an exciting combination for a weekends entertainment. Red Shell Productions recently visited Brown’s court rooms in Covent Garden to film and the London Backgammon Open; broadcasting the UK’s national professional back gammon tournament and open back gammon tournament.

  • Red Shell Productions Broadcast your event liveFilming the Backgammon London Open tournament saw the professionals tournament entering 64 players with an entry fee of £200 per seat whilst the open tournament entered a massive 128 players.

Red Shell Productions broadcast the event live and presented statistics at the end of the event. This is both encouraging as an event organiser and as well as valuable as you know where in the world your key audience are. During the UK’s national professional’s back gammon tournament, naturally, most viewers logged in during the professionals and statics revealed over 500 unique viewers logging in from over 20 different countries. Data collected naturally demonstrated the highest number of viewers logged in during the final game. We also know that viewers watched for an average of 20 minutes – the average time of a back gammon tournament.

Create a brand community

Having these statistics to hand helps organisations assess the brand exposure value to their organisation. During the London Backgammon Open, organisers increased their audience from 200 attending the venue over the course of the weekend to over 700 individuals interacting with the games in the same time space; a three and a half fold increase in audience!

Create a buzz around the event by sharing content before, during and after

With social media at the hands of any one with a phone connecting to the internet, creating a buzz before, during and after the event has now become a lot more accessible. Advertising by email and social media was essential to seeing the attendance figures for the London Backgammon Open. During the event, social media enthusiasts were on hand to take photographs of the games underway and tweet and share the atmosphere and fun vibes this enticing game created.

Set agenda

Ensuring a set agenda was in place beforehand meant viewers tuning in always kept up to date. Some of the key points included:
Who will be presenting?
Who is going to guest present with the presenter?
When will regular updates of other games be announced?
Make sure presenters are explaining the game along the way. This will encourage individuals new to the game to carry on watching and hopefully gain an interest in the game themselves


Once again, a huge congratulations to the winners of the weekend, Raj and Fabio. For more information on the winners, how to get involved next year, rules etc. visit

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