It’s happened to almost everyone who’s shot video of a special event at one time or another. The footage is picture perfect, but the background noise of the audio ruins it. Here are a few tips for preventing extra noise, types of audio problems and how we can help fix it:

Tips for Improving Video Sound

It’s much easier to do a little audio preparation before shooting than to rely on postproduction to clean your video’s sound. Three pieces of advice to help you prevent bad audio on your next video:

  • Choose a location with little noise. You may not be able to choose the place you’re shooting your video, but if you have a choice, pay attention to any background sound. It can include street noise from traffic, machines or a crowded area with too much background chatter. Try to find the quietest location if you can.
  • Use a microphone. Your video camera might have a high-quality built-in mic, but that isn’t a guarantee of clean audio sound. In fact, they’re guilty of picking up too many extra sounds that can create a muddy audio.

The lavalier mic (aka the lapel mic) is a great choice for both professional and amateur videographers. It’s easily hidden, it focuses on the speaker and you have a choice between wired or wireless microphones.

  • Do a sound test before recording. This is something a lot of people forget when they’re making a video. A simple sound check before you start filming could save you a lot of time postproduction. You’ll be able to hear how much or how little background noise there is and the quality of the audio.

Types of Audio Problems on Video
Even the most experienced videographers can run into problems with their audio. It could be due to external situations, locations or even faulty equipment. This is a list of the most common problems with sound on your video:

  • Low quality of your camera’s built-in mic
  • Crackling or static
  • Distortion or too much bass
  • Buzzing or humming
  • Overwhelming background noise

Fixing or Reducing Bad Audio on Your Video
When you’ve discovered audio problems on your video, it might be possible to reduce or even fix the sound. We can fix many audio problems (within reason); backing tracks can reduce a lot of background noise; and in some cases a graphic equalizer can be used to minimize the noise.

Keep in mind that it may be impossible to remove the audio you don’t want, while keeping the audio you need for your video.

Don’t Give Up on Your Video Because of Bad Sound
It’s disheartening to find your video’s audio is less than what you expected. Don’t forget that there might be a solution and a way to minimize the audio problems, or perhaps remove them. Ask an expert to find out before you give up on your video. If you would like to discuss your sound requirements with a member of the Red Shell Productions team, call 0121 6677 898 or email

In the meantime, feel free to use our tips to ensure your next video has great sound quality!