Video companies specialising in filming events or special occasions can take advantage of adding live streaming to their service. By taking a cabled feed into our system, we can easily stream your company’s event to a much larger audience. This gives you greater access to finding new viewers. Here are a few advantages of live streaming:

Capturing a target audience with live streaming in real time

Not only do you have the opportunity to have your audience watch your video in real time; our services include streaming to your home page, Facebook page or other platform. That increases your audience reach and enables you to promote your videos to new consumers. You also have the opportunity to then distribute it as a video, another audience increase.

Streaming your videos and increasing demand

Live streaming has a high impact on demand, engagement and excitement for your audience. It makes a difference in how people interact with your brand, and can generate new interest. For example, a live streamed seminar with a real-time Q & A session helps put your audience in the spotlight, in turn encouraging direct communication and online recognition.

Your company appears innovative and relevant with streaming

Since video is one of the easiest ways to engage your audience, live streaming is the next innovative step for your business. The more progressive your company’s strategy (particularly if you’re an already-established online or video business), the more people will respond. Now more than ever, the latest technology is an integral part of a video company’s future. Streaming is the way to move forward in video.

Viral videos streamed first, live

‘Viral’ is a catchword that has gone viral. That means, sharing on Facebook, playing on Youtube and also on websites like ours. The more attention your video gets, the more viral it goes, the bigger your audience and the higher success you receive as a business. It is not just a goal to get videos viral, it’s an asset that happens when you take your videos to a more professional level.

To conclude, why you need to do live streaming as a camera or video company

If your company specializes in cameras, videos and shooting, it will definitely pay off in the coming year to invest in streaming live video. Each event could be an excellent way of getting your name out, stamping your brand and increasing your target audience. Without streaming, you risk being left behind with moving technology.

To discuss how your current video system can fit into our live streaming equipment, drop us an email or call us on 0121 6677 898 for more information.