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Live Stream Weddings

Imagine it’s the big day. Some of your loved ones can’t attend but you want them to be a part of the day. Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to live stream a wedding. Red Shell Productions offering live streaming services to both private and corporate events.

Live stream a wedding: Your Day Live

We love a good wedding! If you choose to live stream a wedding with us, we arrive on the day, set up, connect to the internet, your loved ones log on to our website and this is the kind of quality and views they can expect to see with our wedding live streaming technology. We also host the wedding’s live feed on our website for up to three months.

Live Stream Weddings - Red Shell Productions

Live Streaming Asian Weddings

We offer a bespoke service. Whether you are filming to your family abroad or you want to watch your son’s nikah, we have a variety of services that can help get everyone involved.

Live Stream Weddings - Red Shell Productions

Postproduction: Showreel

Want something short and fun to show off the highlights from your day? Speak to us about post production and the inclusion of a showreel for your DVD.

Live Stream Weddings - Red Shell Productions

Postproduction: The End Result

If you are looking for post production, we will pull your footage from the different camera angles and mix it up to produce something beautiful to remember your day with.

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Live Stream Weddings - Red Shell Productions
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