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Promotional Video

Promotional video services can provide live coverage of important events as well as DVDs of the events brodcast via the live video streams.

Promotional videos can be created by video service companies that  film events, host streaming media, broadcast live video streams and produce DVD content for resale. The type of video services required usually depends on the type of event as well as the content to be broadcast or recorded. For example if a company is hosting an awards ceremony they might want the event broadcast live whilst a company seeking to make a promotional video about a product would probably want a promotional video published as a DVD only.Other types of video services include video restoration and duplication. With digital and HD media now being a mainstay companies and individuals are looking towards video service providers to restore and enhance content that may have been damaged or not withstood the test of time. Video duplication services are essential if you have only a master copy of your filmed event. As long as you are the copyright holder or have permission to reproduce video, video duplication by a video services company will generate a quality product for resale.

19th Oct, 2016

by admin

We’ve changed the way we go about entertaining ourselves in this modern world. We consume things differently, we stream music and TV in bulk batches on our mobile devices, we socialise through digital means and we entertain ourselves through the medium of the internet and gaming. Live streaming sports and gaming events won’t lead to...

15th Jun, 2015

by admin

One of the most commonly asked questions nowadays is: how expensive is video production?  That’s a tough question to answer, for many reasons. Most people looking into video production services don’t understand the specifics needed for a video or subsequently which type of video they actually want. We’ve tried to clarify the details involved in...

5th Feb, 2015

by admin

If you’re new to live streaming, there are a few considerations you have to make decisions on when you’re designing your next video. Postproduction isn’t really a choice when it’s live, which means you have to map out what you want and need before shooting. We’ve come up with a basic checklist to help sort...

2nd Sep, 2014

by admin

Events provide a great opportunity to promote your business. Whether you are promoting a product, hosting an in-store promotion, exhibition or other event; event filming is a great way to translate the energy and excitement from the day. Promoting previous events success is often imperative to the success of your forthcoming events. Show off your...

18th Jul, 2014

by admin

It’s happened to almost everyone who’s shot video of a special event at one time or another. The footage is picture perfect, but the background noise of the audio ruins it. Here are a few tips for preventing extra noise, types of audio problems and how we can help fix it: Tips for Improving Video...

24th Feb, 2013

by admin

It’s an age old dilemma. How do you cut down your guest list and still have those attend who you really want to see the event? Josh from online ‘wedcasters’ Red Shell Productions reveals how you can have more guests for a fraction of the price. Maxed out capacity So you’ve found your dream wedding...

10th Jan, 2013

by admin

Red Shell Productions is a video production company based in Birmingham, specialising in live event streaming. Red Shell Productions was born when its two creative minded owners Roxy and Josh married in 2011. Family from both sides couldn’t attend due to living abroad and illness. A creative solution With just weeks to go to the...

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