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Live Streaming Company – Red Shell Productions

Red Shell Productions is a live streaming company based in Birmingham. We offer streaming services and event filming for companies and individuals around the country. We broadcast their events live to the internet. We offer a tailored service to enable you to maximise the audience for your event.

What is live event streaming?

Effectively it means we broadcast your event LIVE on the internet in real time. This can be broadcast through your own website, via Facebook or through our website. Live streaming services for events are a fairly new concept. Utilising this leading edge technology you show your company to be forward thinking and, in a time when corporate marketing is changing stand out from your competitors.

What are the advantages?

When you broadcast your event live, you provide an opportunity to substantially increase your audience. Who can watch online and, if you have the facilities, on large screens at a nearby location. If your audience are working, living far away or even abroad, they won’t miss the special event.

Online video marketing offers Google new content which helps improve your SEO. This in turn helps your audience engage more with your brand.

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What if we are already filming our event?

Provided your cameras have an HD-SDI, SDI or HDMI output, our technology allows your cameras to connect to our system to stream live. Our technician edits the camera angles live and directs the video either straight to your website, Facebook or our website.

Can we benefit financially?

Yes! Virtual attendees can be free or, they can pay a one off fee to watch the live stream

We offer a copy of the DVD of the day so you can either sell DVD’s as it was seen on the live stream or, edit footage separately. Our technology allows up to 4 camera angles to stream during the event, meaning your online audience won’t miss out on the action or atmosphere. Furthermore, our experience shows that companies who live stream their event enjoy a significant increase in traffic to their website during and after the event. This has a long term financial benefit as visitors then look further around your website for the services you offer.

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How can we maximise our audience?

We recommend marketing as much as possible in the lead up to the event to ensure the best viewing results. Corporate marketing strategies such as updates through your social media (Facebook, Twitter, text), email, advertising in your newsletter/ collateral sent to delegates who will be attending, are just some of the ways you can inform your audience.

How do we know viewers are logging in and using the service?

Red Shell Productions provide a full report which analyses how many unique viewers logged on and which countries they were watching from.

What is required and what will happen on the day?

Red Shell Productions require a wired internet connection with a minimum of 0.5mb upload speed. The higher the upload speed, the better the stream and this determines if we can broadcast your event live in low, medium and/or HD quality. If there is no internet connection to the venue, contact us as we work with partners who provide a temporary connection to your venue if required. Prior to the event, we conduct a site check to ensure the internet connection is fast enough. After this we consult with you for the most suitable solution for streaming. i.e. your website, Facebook or Red Shell Productions website. On the day, we arrive and set up our equipment, perform a few tests and ensure we are ready in good time for the event to unfold.

How do our audience watch the video stream?

Our technology offers a few options on how to stream your event:

• We supply you html code to implement on your website. Individuals visit your website and click to the relevant page to watch the event live.
• Following the event, there is the option to upload the live video stream to your website or YouTube to playback later.
• Viewers watch the ceremony live through your Facebook page.
• Red Shell Productions have a ‘live’ section where we stream the event to.

For any further questions or a free initial consultation and no obligation quote, call us on 0121 667 8977 or email info@redshellproductions.co.uk


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