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Educational Videos for Business - Red Shell Productions

Educational videos are another great way to show off your business, products, services, views, opinions etc. more. These videos tend to be a bit more indepth than a corporate promotional video. They can show you to be ‘ahead of the game’ in your field through your chosen content.

What are some of the benefits to educational videos?

Educational videos, when done correctly, prescribe information in an engaging and stimulating way.

Delivering your message by video is often more memorable and accessible and offers an alternative to extensive reading.

Providing information by video offers the opportunity to communicate debates and discussions in a more interactive, engaging way than reading long scripts.

By giving your view or opinion on a particular upcoming product, service or event etc. you offer the opportunity to show yourself as a reputable figure in your industry.

What types of educational videos for business can I consider?

Documentary style: If you are looking to; explain more about your company, include testimonials, use interview style questions with customers, or give a general feel of your brand, a documentary style video may be the way forward for your organisation.

Overview of your business, services or products: This could be a quick video to overview a particular service or product you offer in your organisation. Alternatively, it may also offer a brief overview about your company, what you stand for etc.

Website presenter: A website presenter can introduce visitors to your website and invite and encourage visitors to search more. This may include a few point of sale directions. For example, ‘find out more about our live event streaming services on our event streaming page’

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