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Corporate Promotional videos for small business

Corporate promotional videos are exactly what they say on the tin, a short video promoting your corporate products or services. Making a corporate promotional video for your business can be both an exciting and daunting prospect.

How can a promotional video help my business?

With our fast paced society and so much written content available; communicating through video is a more visual and personal way to understand who you are and what you do. A corporate promotional video offers the opportunity to show your brand character and offer a face to the name. This in turn creates a more personal feeling.

What to consider when making a corporate video

When you’re considering your corporate promotional video, it’s important to know who your target audience is.  It is important to understand the purpose of your video and know the core message.

Think about how you’re going to communicate your message. Do you want a light hearted approach or something more serious? Do you require a script for the message or are you going to free style it? If you are using a script, we recommend you read it a few times to someone you trust to make sure it sounds free flowing and natural so as to ensure the best results.

Finally, remember to include a call to action.

How long should my corporate promotional video be?

Depending on your message depends on the length your video should be. If you are creating a video to introduce your company, we wouldn’t recommend much past 2-3 minutes. On the other hand, if you are promoting an event and there was a particularly great piece of entertainment or an inspiring talk performed from a previous event, you may want to consider a video closer to 5 minutes.

What’s involved?

If you’re considering a corporate promotional video for your business, contact Red Shell Productions on 0121 6677 898 or email for a free no obligation quote.

We’re not here just for the glamorous promotional corporate videos
Red Shell Productions is a video production company based in the Midlands and specialise in live event streaming. We broadcast your event live by streaming video to your website for the purpose of events, conference services, training etc. Broadcasting your event live extends your audience to include virtual attendees thereby improving your brand exposure, brand interaction and internet marketing services.

Our film production services ensure live event coverage is covered be it for live event streaming purposes or for post production/ short film later. Red Shell Productions have the capability to handle your audio/ visual production requirements for your event video.

Red Shell Productions can help you with your video requirements be it a short introductory video to your company, testimonial video, live event coverage etc. we can most likely help you (if not, we can usually point you in the direction of someone who can).

If you have a wedding or corporate event coming up and are looking for a video production company to film the day or broadcast your event live, give Red Shell Productions a call for a free no obligation quote on 0121 667 8977 or email

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