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10 Professional Touches to Add to Your Live Stream

Add to Your Live Stream/Promotional Video with These 10 Professional Touches

If you’re new to live streaming, there are a few considerations you have to make decisions on when you’re designing your next video. Postproduction isn’t really a choice when it’s live, which means you have to map out what you want and need before shooting. We’ve come up with a basic checklist to help sort out your live streaming priorities. Check them out here:

Using a commentator:

Having a voice (and/or a face) to capture your video’s atmosphere is one option for adding personality to a live stream. Please do keep in mind you need to have a quality audio setup for live streaming, as bad audio could disrupt the quality of your video. You might also want to do a few practice trials before doing your live version.

Intro-out video and its uses:

It’s the same as dipping your toe in the water and emerging slowly- you need an intro to ease your audience into your live stream and a gentle way to ease back out. Having short pieces to enter and exit the video make it not only more professional but easier to watch.

Advertising relevant products:

Can you think of something more irritating than an advert that has nothing to do with anything (and even might make your target audience uncomfy)? If you’re going to have adverts added to your video, make sure they’re relevant and tasteful. Bad ads could lead to a loss of audience.

Services during stream breaks:

This is where you can get bonus points from your target audience, by engaging them. Think of competitions, games, Q & A sessions or just simple group chats. You need to keep your audience involved for the entire video, not just the beginning.

Sending a feed to Youtube:

Creating a Youtube channel for your videos has never been so easy; it’s also easy to incorporate for live streaming and then syndication.

Sending a feed to a website:

Using either your own or a 3rd party website as an additional feed line for your live streaming gives your brand a stronger online identity and recognition.

Sending a feed to Facebook:

Facebook has proven itself as a social media icon, and one of the best ways to promote video services or products is using Facebook. It’s got the reputation and the movement to back up the popularity of online video, and is also known for making many films viral.

Using a chat box (like Google+ Hangout):

It’s old but it’s new, and the more Google+ tweaks the better it gets. Those who have left Facebook have emigrated to G+, for many reasons. Being able to not only live stream but partake in the streaming experience via Google+ Hangout is an upcoming trend. You can add over 10 people at a time. It’s a great platform for video business and will only get better.

What is adaptive streaming?

Adaptive streaming is pretty much live streaming that ‘adapts’ to different connection speeds, without the user feeling a huge lag. It allows many different people on various devices to live stream without losing the video’s integrity. Having adaptive streaming is a clear advantage.

What about HD streaming?

HD live streaming is a bit awkward, but for those with the capabilities the quality is much better. It’s still quite limited, but the availability is getting better and the format itself is a good artistic choice.

We hope these 10 tips for adding professional touches to film have helped you, and of course we’d love to hear if you have any extras. For more information about live streaming your event, please call us on 0121 6677 898 or email and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have

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