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Is Live Streaming The New TV Coverage?

Is Live Streaming The New TV Coverage?

Is Live Streaming The New TV Coverage?

Television had its heyday. There was a time when the entire family would gather around the tube to watch their favorite primetime programs, but those days are slowly coming to a close.

According to studies, people are spending more and more time online compared to in front of the television.

On average, the younger generation spends 4.8 hours a day online, compared to only 2.1 hours watching TV. Let’s have a quick look at some of the many pros the Internet is having over TV.

Advantages of Internet over TV

Access on demand – With television, you had to wait for a certain time for what you wanted to watch to appear, and there is no fast forwarding time.

Viewable in many devices – When you watch the TV you often have to be in a certain room, sit in a certain area and stay put. Before, you also could not move about as you please. Today, devices that allow you access to the Internet anywhere and anytime can fit in your bag or even your pocket. 

Quick sharing time – Unless it’s a live broadcasting, before something can be shown over the television it has to be recorded, edited, and then featured in a show or the news. For something to be shared online, all you need is device that can record and an Internet connection.

Unlike TV footage, videos can also be shared among users, making them carriers of the message.

(Almost) no ads – Ads are the lifeblood of the television industry, but also the bane of the viewers. There was no escaping them; you had to wait for them to end before your favorite show came on or could continue. Sometimes they even cut into your favorite TV shows.

In the Internet, some websites have started embedding ads in videos, but not to the extent that it becomes annoying like in television. The Internet has more substantial content, unlike television which has become a cavalcade of commercials interrupted by occasional programming.

Comments – Unlike TV, videos shared on the Internet can be accompanied by comments, immediately sparking interest and discussion…and opening the gate to more video sharing.

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