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Socially distanced live streamed product launch

Here at Red Shell Productions, we love a good challenge!

Thanks to you and the team for helping us make the event a success. Josh and Simon were brilliant and completely unflustered throughout, which really helped to calm our nerves! – James Ingham, Director, ROMI Associates


We recently had a client approach us as they were planning a product launch however, with the ever changing Covid-19 developments, the company couldn’t risk bringing staff and guests onsite. A live streaming solution seemed the most logical, healthy conscious solution.

Looking for a working solution

Red Shell Productions live streamed a socially distanced product launch and Q&A session. Questions were brought in from a combination of chat forms and Zoom questions.

Keeping things interactive

To ensure their staff were well engaged, we embarked on a multi-platform approach. The main event took place on a password protected player and staff were invited to email questions to the management for a Q&A session hosted after the product launch. Staff were split into Zoom meeting rooms where they had an opportunity to discuss the product launch and raise any additional questions for the Q&A session.

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