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5 TIPS to make the most of your event keynote speaker

Live stream your keynote speaker

Many of us spend our days in back-to-back Zoom calls. So, when we attend a virtual event, we want a different experience. 

Creating content that has thought-provoking insights, new ideas and concepts, or perhaps simply a fresh way to engage with your customers can be achieved with an inspiring keynote speaker.

TIP #1: Have a speaker in mind who can draw the attention of your audience 

Choose a speaker who will align with your event strategy to help you achieve your goals. 

You want a speaker who inspires your audience, drives home the point and will open people’s eyes. 

Utilise your speaker’s reputation to draw attention to your event and create more interest that delegates get excited about attending your event. 

TIP #2: FIND A versatile KEYNOTE SPEAKER who can deliver to both an in person and virtual audience 

If your event is speaking to both an in person and virtual audience, you may need to rethink your content delivery schedule. Here are a few ideas to restructure your content delivery: 

Everything is shorter. More succinct. (If you can say it in 18 minutes or less for a TED Talk, you should do the same in a hybrid/ virtual format). Remarks are often punctuated with powerful slides, compelling short videos, or interactivity of some sort, as this helps with overall engagement.  

The result? The audience learns more because they feel connected and are enjoying themselves. Plain and simple. 


Your brand engagement and promotion doesn’t need to end when your event ends. 

Continue the conversation post-event. This may be through mailshots, online forums and/or post-production snips highlighting key points etc.

You may want to consider providing a series of one-minute video snippets of the talk, allowing your audience time to explore the topic more deeply at their own speed. This can be incredibly effective when a speaker has specific, deep expertise that your audience will want to absorb and use.

Make your event more appealing to both your speaker and audience by offering exclusive deals to purchase books, video training or other digital content which reinforces key concepts from your event. 


Having speakers nail their role within a virtual event relies on thoughtful planning and preparation. It’s essential speakers understand their role, how the event will flow, the technology being used, and how the speakers and other agenda items work together. Consider some of the things you may need to include in your briefing during your rehearsals:

Tip #5: Working with your speaker’s content and experience

To discuss live streaming your virtual or hybrid event, drop us an email, and we’d be more than happy to discuss your ideas and plans to take your event to a virtual platform.

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