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How Much Does Video Production Cost and Why?

How Much Does Video Production Cost and Why? - Business Videos

One of the most commonly asked questions nowadays is: how expensive is video production?  That’s a tough question to answer, for many reasons. Most people looking into video production services don’t understand the specifics needed for a video or subsequently which type of video they actually want.

We’ve tried to clarify the details involved in video production, along with a few useful tips to help you decide on the video you need.

Is All Video Production Expensive?

The term ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true in many circumstances. To put it in simple terms, generally, a mid to high range price tag will pay for itself through the higher quality of video and expertise of the camera operators. The longer it takes, the expertise you hire and the amount of production staff involved can all contribute towards increased cost. Video production doesn’t have to be expensive, and with a recent increase in popularity of video, the costs have gone down from previous times.

What Do Video Production Services Involve?

Most people don’t need a £50,000 video with a full production crew shot over months. Our services offer great quality for an affordable price. Take a look at what production services might involve:

Creating the concept of your video
Writing a script
Illustration and storyboards
Voiceovers, music and audio production
Hiring actors or having animation done
Cut-away shots (of your service or product, for example)
Equipment or location hire

These are just a few of the basics. It really depends on how detailed and intricate a video you’d like. The longer the video, the more it costs. The more people needed to complete the production of the video, the higher the cost.

Tips You Need to Consider Before Video Production

You might increase the expense of using video production services by changing targets or by having unrealistic expectations. The best approach you can take is to set a reasonable budget, detail the end result you’d like to have and discuss it with your video production services.


Have a measurable end result or objective defined. If you’re unclear, your video will be equally unclear. For example: a viral video for brand exposure? Attract new clients? Gain credibility? Launch a service or product? Train?

Decide on who you want your audience to be. Have a clear target audience in mind for your brand and your objective.

Choose the type of video style. Do you need a presentation with an actor, an animated explainer, a seminar, etc.? Keep in mind that will also affect the length (and the cost).


Be unbending if changes are needed on your video. When you hire a video production service, you’re hiring their professionalism and expertise. Some of your ideas might have to be adjusted to meet your objectives.

Forget to have a precise call-to-action. Do you want your audience to visit your landing page, buy your services or product, engage on social media or increase your online visibility?

Run over your deadline. You might be a perfectionist, but past the deadline is synonymous with over budget.

We hope we’ve given you a clearer idea of what video production services involve and that you’ve found our tips useful. For more information and a free no obligation quote on any video production you require, call us on 0121 6677 898 or email

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