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Second Shooters: The Benefits

Multiple video cameramen at an outdoor event filming

Multiple video cameramen at an outdoor event filming

Video shoots are often a bit hectic and there is often the need for more hands on deck. Most companies shooting a film, whether it’s commercial, corporate or even a film production, could always do with extra help on set to make sure everything runs smoothly. Often finding the right skilled people can prove difficult. Consider a professional second shooter who is easily directed during filming.

Consider getting a second shooter

Hiring a second shooter is a great way to free up existing resources. In addition, film crew are more available and you add a new angle in the filming process. Many companies are therefore looking externally for such help. Internal resources are often tied up elsewhere in the business, or simply stretched to their limits.

Second shooters are an additional set of eyes, ears and hands during filming. They support the main camera crew to capture the perfect aspects of each sequence. Second shooters act as ‘extra staff’ on set for filming companies or even at corporate events and weddings. The role can vary in terms of what is required, from supporting photography to manning a second camera angle.

Finding the right second shooter

Many second shooters are novice photographers and videographers, looking to gain more ‘hands on’ experience in their field, whilst learning from more seasoned professionals. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere and working with other professionals is the best place to learn. There are however certain projects where companies really need experienced second shooters. A shooter who will take hold of the project and offer valuable input. If you hire inexperienced second shooters, you may find a lot of valuable time wasted talking them through everything, preventing you from focusing on the more important aspects of the job. This in turn can have knock-on effects to the running of a shoot. Time is of the essence and crucial targets need to be met.

This is why you should consider hiring professional second shooters. They will already know how everything operates, and can be easily directed during shooting to capture the right angles.

Help is not far

This is where we can help. Our team of professional shooters, have the right level of experience and skill. We have worked on a number of projects as ‘second shooters’, we provide companies with expert camera operaters. Opting for fully qualified, experienced professionals could mean your filming projects run a lot smoother, keeping you on schedule and within budget.

As second shooters, we will be on hand to provide additional help during the shoot, whether it’s with an extra camera angle or a second opinion. Our knowledge and experience of filming, taking direction and production we will work with you to ensure your clients’ project requirements are complete.

With the right second shooter, you can utilise their expertise and concentrate on the core areas of the project, without having to continually micro-manage the whole process. To find out more drop us an email, or give us a call on 0121 6677 898

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