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Website Video Production

Website video production can create for you videos that can help improve search engine rank by lowering bounce rate

Since the growth of high speed broadband and the creation of streaming media broadcasts website video production has become an increasingly important business. Website videos can be used to convey instructions for website users on how to use certain features of a website as well as a medium for displaying eye catching adverts and promotional videos. The recent development of HTML 5 video players has simplified the process of video playback.Website video is an essential in reducing visitor bounce rate. Website video encourages interactivity through getting users to start, stop and pause content. The lower your bounce rate (people clicking through your site, rather than back) the higher you are ranked by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Engaging video content created by experts in website video production like Red Shell Productions can create for you a captive audience and a future market base.

25th Jan, 2017

by admin

Live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular method of generating content. It is valuable for businesses and their brands as it allows the customers to get a closer connection to them. It’s useful for a variety of audiences from those trying to get their name out on the world wide web to businesses. Live streaming is a...

5th Sep, 2016

by admin

There are many reasons you may be interested in a live stream video or live streaming an event. Whether it’s your corporate event, wedding or sporting event, you are likely interested because you want people to be involved. Your motives will likely be different depending on what you are live streaming. Essentially, at the end...

12th May, 2016

by admin

With video becoming such a popular format for businesses to market themselves and reach larger audiences, VT inserts are also coming into their own. They add variation to typical video offerings and can set your business apart from the pack. What Are VT Inserts? The technical term is ‘vox pop VT inserts;’ ‘vox populi’ is...

23rd Dec, 2013

by admin

Online video marketing incorporates the use of video to your marketing mix. This marketing method can be used to promote your brand, products or services. It is now said that video is shared more than any other kind of online content thereby increasing the urgency to start using online video marketing if you aren’t already....

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