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Business Videos

The growth of video streaming media is making business videos an invaluable tool in marketing professionals business marketing strategy

Business videos can relate information about a business to outside interests as well as to its staff, stakeholders and committee members. Business in another context can also be videos about business and how it operates from a third party perspective. More often than not business videos are used to support marketing campaigns. A good business video will engage an audience and make your product appear to be an invaluable accessory.

The growth of streaming media and the improvements to compression techniques as well as broadband services has seen business videos move from their usual role as adverts between television programs to online media phenomena. Business videos feature very prominently long non-commercial content on Youtube, Pinterest and Vimeo. The exposure guaranteed by these mediums is adding more and more value to business videos.

4th Aug, 2016

by admin

If like the rest of us, you use Facebook, you might have noticed a new feature recently. You may have received a notification or just noticed something pop up on your feed, something called Facebook Live. Just because you’re aware of Facebook Live, you may not necessarily know anything about it, how to use it...

15th Jun, 2015

by admin

One of the most commonly asked questions nowadays is: how expensive is video production?  That’s a tough question to answer, for many reasons. Most people looking into video production services don’t understand the specifics needed for a video or subsequently which type of video they actually want. We’ve tried to clarify the details involved in...

12th Jan, 2015

by admin

Video has become one of the best ways for businesses to reach their consumers effectively but, why do we think live streaming will be in the forefront this year? Check out our 5 reasons why your business needs live streaming: Social Media is the perfect platform for live streaming. Google+ has made a huge step...

29th Jul, 2014

by admin

The steady increase in popularity of video as a business-marketing tool is no accident. It’s in essence one of the simplest ways of conveying your message to your consumers. If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing strategy yet, it’s time you do. Here are 9 reasons why adding video to your website can help...

25th Jun, 2014

by admin

Seminars are a great way of reaching your audience and directly interacting with clients. Online seminars (or webinars) take that concept a step further. Live broadcasting or streaming your conference to a much larger group of attendees is one way of doing this. Why You Should Film Your Seminars Of the many reasons you should...

3rd Feb, 2014

by admin

When last did you buy something of significant value without consulting a friend or family or going to the particular supplier without a testimonial from a trusted source? Video testimonials for business offer the opportunity for prospective clients to gain trust in your products, services and brand. Testimonial video length Ideally the video should be...

21st Jan, 2014

by admin

Educational videos are another great way to show off your business, products, services, views, opinions etc. more. These videos tend to be a bit more indepth than a corporate promotional video. They can show you to be ‘ahead of the game’ in your field through your chosen content. What are some of the benefits to educational...

6th Jan, 2014

by admin

Corporate promotional videos are exactly what they say on the tin, a short video promoting your corporate products or services. Making a corporate promotional video for your business can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. How can a promotional video help my business? With our fast paced society and so much written content available;...

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