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5 Reasons your Business Needs Live Streaming as a priority focus

Live Business Stream - 5 Reasons for Priority Focus

Video has become one of the best ways for businesses to reach their consumers effectively but, why do we think live streaming will be in the forefront this year? Check out our 5 reasons why your business needs live streaming:

Social Media is the perfect platform for live streaming.

Google+ has made a huge step forward for live streaming, as have Facebook fan pages. Not only do you get audience involvement for the duration stream, you have their attention. Streaming with social media platforms allows your stream to shared, watched and revisited over time. The longevity of one video that creates interest about a live moment and is also available for later viewing is going to be a trend in 2015.

Live streaming is ideal for mobile devices, which are also gaining popularity.

Tablets and mobiles are one of the hottest trends for this year. Having an adaptable site is more important than ever. People are mobile, and they expect to be connected on less traditional devices. Responsive sites aren’t just an option now, they’re a necessity to reach your target audience as much as possible.

Online video campaigns gain relevance with live streaming.

Video is one of the easiest and most relevant ways of communicating with your target audience. Being able to live stream your service, product, seminar or business gives you credibility online and with easy sharing available, it’s a great way to expand your audience.

Live streaming encourages consumer interaction, engagement and creates a ‘conversation.’

Let’s face it, we’ve lost a lot of connection with our target audiences in the technology age. People write, order, buy, sell and talk in a virtual place. Which makes it more necessary to continue a conversation with consumers in a legitimate manner.

Video speaks and connects with emotions, thereby encouraging more interactive conversations. The opportunity to connect with your audience more interactively, generates communication, which can help with sales, interest and shares. These are just some of many examples as to why your business needs live streaming to be a priority.

Ease of syndication to 3rd parties will encourage more live streaming.

2015 will be a great year for syndication and moving outwards, while creating your online relevance and reputation by doing live streaming. As an example, you have a seminar streamed live online. You then take a copy of that video, place it on trustworthy sites and it gets shared on social media. Perhaps it even goes viral. Your business is now bursting with hits, both from the live feed and the syndication. How great is that?

Video needs to be taken seriously as a business tool, and your business needs live streaming needs to be a priority. If you ignore the multiple possibilities, you are missing out on the multiple benefits of live streaming. Live streaming is a way for forward-minded businesses to get an edge and to hit a successful stride. What do you think? How have you used video for your business? Any tips you can add? Let us know in the comments below!

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