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Woman taking a photo with cell phone / bw

Woman taking a photo with cell phone / bw

Going on a tour? Why not take a live streaming crew with you so that can live stream at a moment’s notice.

Advantages of having an events crew on tour

Professional coverage – This isn’t a family vacation where one group goes about their business while one person films everything with a single camera and a shaky hand. With a professional filming crew, you can be sure camera shots will be stable, in good light, and multi-angled.

Internet when you need it – There may be places where internet is not available, but with a professional live streaming crew this will not be a problem. As 4G and 5G access reaches further across the country, bonded 4G internet can often solve your low copper internet speeds. You will be able to quickly share live streams with your followers, and they can quickly distributed it among themselves.

No more waiting for news crews – A news crew will take some time to contact, and they may not come at all considering how busy their schedule might be. Using a live streaming company, you can send your footage to media outlets as soon as your event finishes, broadening your opportunity to spread your message.

A touring live streaming company can follow your tour & is ideal for:

Sporting and gaming events – Sometimes some sports meets don’t just wrap up in a day, especially if a lot of athletes and teams are taking part and there are many venues. Fans will want to know how each match played.

Political campaigns – What better way to spread your message than to have a live streaming company shadow every move of your party as they go about lobbying? The best part is that there will be no chances of being misquoted or being taken out of context.

Family vacations/occasions – Whether it’s a wedding or a reunion, it will be good for other family members who can’t be there to still be able to experience it.

Company tours/outings – Have a company follow your events and live stream regularly to increase your digital content. You can recycle this content later into short segments, highlight reels etc. to further promote your message.

Bands on tour – Rock on! Your fans don’t just want to know when you got to a location, they want to know in what style you got there as well. They might also want to know what you are doing in between shows.

Make us part of your tour

When on tour it’s good to have your own live streaming crew tagging along. Not just any crew; it has to be one that knows what it’s doing and has the partners, the equipment, and the experience needed to get things done.

Contact us to discuss your live streaming requirements. We offer bespoke live streaming solutions to meet your requirements,

You hit the road, we follow, your audience follows online.

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