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Live stream your conference: Engaging a wider audience to increase revenue

macbook, laptop, computer, table, notepad, graph paper, pen, technology, business

macbook, laptop, computer, table, notepad, graph paper, pen, technology, business

Imagine this; you have a great idea for a conference. It’s a hot topic sure to generate a lot of interest. You have reserved a venue that can seat a huge audience and acquired a good lineup of speakers, all specialists in their fields and known to have brilliant ideas.

The good news is that many people are interested. The bad news is that a good many of them are in another part of the country, or in another country altogether, and have no means to pay for a trip there, let alone the accommodations needed for them to be able to attend the conference.

The solution is to live stream your conference. It will be as if your audience from far away is present at the conference, hearing every word from the speaker, although they are actually in another location.

The challenges of hosting an online conference

Collecting online payment: Many organisers think twice before holding an online conference because they feel they will have a hard time setting up the payment scheme for the audience away. As technology has improved, so have different payment options. This is a common practice nowadays. Organisers can make money from an online audience, increasing revenue they otherwise may have lost. Delegates pay a one off fee to be able to view the conference live online. A few suggestions may include:

Holding an online attention: As online conferences have become more popular, it’s essential to keep up with competition. There are a few strategies that can be used to hold the attention of your online audience:

Live event streaming is our specialty

Distance is no longer an issue when it comes to conferences nowadays. Technology has found a way to bridge the gap, use it to your advantage and bring the conference to the audience if they can’t come to you.

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