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London Backgammon Open Live Streaming Returns in 2014

Broadcast Your Online Backgammon Event - London Backgammon Open

One of our most viewed live streaming events is back! The largest backgammon competition for 30 years in the UK, held at the Hippodrome Casino in London, The London Backgammon Open. Players of all skills and ages compete in this tense atmosphere to win the jackpot from one of three pots. With ongoing commentary, post-game analysis and interviews from some of the top backgammon players; whether you are a seasoned backgammoner or new to the game; you are sure to enjoy the event and appreciate the caliber of expertise and talent in front of the camera.

A Classic Game with an Online Fan Following

You might be surprised to learn that Backgammon is popular both online and offline. Last year, our live stream of the event attracted visitors from 20 different countries. This year the event is set to double in size with 480 professionals set to take part in the first of three tournaments. For more information about the tournaments, visit

Not only are these professional Backgammon players going to show off their best moves, they’ll also take part in interviews and match analysis via the live stream. It provides an inside scoop to a much-anticipated event.

If you’re a Backgammon fan, or want to learn more about this great sport, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

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