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Live Event Streams – Portfolio

We have worked with a wide clientele. From Universities to politics to Body Building competitions. These are just some of the many clients we have worked with.

Live Event Streams - Red Shell ProductionsLive event streaming

Live event streams are a great alternative, low budget option to reach a wider, relevant audience around the country and the world.

Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions

Share your event with the world

Commentators and multiple angles, are sure to capture the atmosphere. Streaming your event live offers a wider audience to tune in from different parts of the world and with a playback options, time zones are no longer a problem either

Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions
Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions

Film your event live for your audience to watch back later

Looking for a solution to capture your event speakers? Red Shell Productions can film your event, supplying a variety of camera angles, additional lighting and edited footage of your event.

”The talk is up and looks great.  Considering the sound quality on the day, the quality of sound on the video is fantastic – a wonderful bit of engineering.  Many thanks” Paul Z Jackson, TEDx Russell Square Speaker

Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions

Watch more Tedx Talks from this years Russell Square event, filmed by Red Shell Productions, here!

Live Stream your Awards Ceremony

Live event streams of your awards ceremonies are a great way to interact with your audience who can’t attend due to small venues, living abroad etc. Our camera angles recreate the energy in the room, online.

Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions

10 minute promotional video

Promotional videos are a great way to communicate on a visual level with your audience. They can include: product information, testimonials, company information/ introduction etc.

Live Event Streams - Red Shell Productions

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