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Why Filming Your Seminars And Streaming Into A Webinar Will Boost Your Business

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Seminars are a great way of reaching your audience and directly interacting with clients. Online seminars (or webinars) take that concept a step further. Live broadcasting or streaming your conference to a much larger group of attendees is one way of doing this.

Why You Should Film Your Seminars

Of the many reasons you should film your seminars; the most obvious one is a much higher reach to your target audience. Typically, a seminar is at an organised time, place and a set number of seats that can be filled.

Now imagine that you’ve filmed your seminar, and it can now be played back online for anyone who missed it, prospective clients or even as a training tool for your business. Taking this concept to the next stage, live streaming your seminar (now a webinar) offers a new angle of engagement as you can install a chat box and interact questions from online viewers with the seminar speaker/s live!

Streaming Live Seminars Online (webinars)

Streaming your seminar live online is the same as a real seminar, but the main difference is your audience is virtual. You can still interact with attendees and have Q & A sessions.

This type of seminar is becoming more popular because of its appealing format. People can attend from the comfort of their homes, for example. Red Shell Productions offer live streaming of seminars/ webinars.

The Advantages of Filming Your Seminars

The advantages of filming your seminar go beyond reaching a wider audience. Some of the other benefits include:

Cost-efficient: Having your seminar online is often less money than a ‘real’ seminar would be. There is no need for facilities, travel or materials.

It can increase brand visibility: You add value to your business brand by having video seminars available online.

It can increase audience engagement: Your audience can interact with your live webinar by posting questions in a live chat box.

Having a visual record of a seminar also encourages marketing leads, since those who share are usually within your target audience.

Optimize your content: Having a video of your seminar online to be replayed or shared makes sure that your content gets full exposure.

Who Watches Filmed Seminars?

The audience that watches your filmed seminars are often the same people who attended and want a recap; those that were unable to make it; and/or anyone online with an interest in the topic of your seminar.

Optimizing Your Seminar

Filming or streaming your seminar live will optimize your reach, gain prospective leads, help you engage more with your audience and increase the value of your brand. You’ll also be attracting a larger target audience with innovative methods of sharing your seminar online.

If increasing your audience is important to you, the live streaming of seminars could be a great step forward for your organisation. Call Red Shell Productions on 0121 6677 898 or email

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