Online video marketing incorporates the use of video to your marketing mix. This marketing method can be used to promote your brand, products or services. It is now said that video is shared more than any other kind of online content thereby increasing the urgency to start using online video marketing if you aren’t already. Sharing your product, service or brand through video provides the opportunity to send across your brand personality and gives your company the sense of being approachable and ‘human’, not ‘just another corporate’.

Incorporate video into your online marketing strategy

Inserting regular online video marketing makes your brand feel fresh and uploads regular interesting content. If you are for example in a trade such as building; uploading a quick video of your current project from your ipad or iphone is a cheap alternative to show regular and interesting projects you are working on. In addition, this demonstrates that you are a busy, active organisation. This shows prospectives a few things; you are good enough at what you do that you are prepared to show it off; that you love what you do and want to help others do it and; that you are actively seeking ways to engage with your audience in a more interactive way.

Lights, camera, action!

Red Shell Productions offer a bespoke video production service. We provide your video in broadcast quality and as part of our bespoke service will work to your timescales, attend the location’s you would like us to film for your video message and have a consultation. Our process usually goes something like this:

Initial consultation to gather your thoughts and ideas and ascertain the brief and your objectives -> Story line is gathered prior to film -> Arrange a date and time at the location you would like us to film -> Post production We will edit down footage to create the beautiful video you have envisioned -> Branding finally, we will add your brand stamp on the final article -> Distribution We will supply your broadcast quality video to you on a memory stick and in the various formats you may need it in Things to consider: Think if you want the video to be a one off information video or if it is to be part of a series of short videos? Do some field research. What do your clients and prospective want to know? Plan a script and who will read it? Will it be someone from your organisation or do you need to arrange someone to speak? This will help give the best results for your final video so when it comes to the day Red Shell Productions film your video footage, you are less likely to ‘um’, stutter or look nervous.