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Corporate Event Streaming

Red Shell Productions offer a wide range of video and live streaming. We offer a broad range of corporate event streaming and live streaming solutions for a wide range of events and purposes for both corporate and private clients.

Corporate event streaming

Anyone who’s planned a conference will know not everyone can attend. Perhaps they have prior arrangements or travel/ distance is an issue. Live streaming gives you the opportunity to take the event to them via the internet

Competitive gaming

With the lucrative market that is gaming, attending these events can often be difficult due to location or entry tickets available. Streaming your event live offers a wider audience to tune in from different parts of the world. In addition, with a variety of playback options, time zones are no longer a problem either.

Live Awards Ceremony

Streaming your awards ceremonies live is a great way to interact with your audience who can’t attend due to small venues, living abroad etc. Our camera angles recreate the energy in the room, online.

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